I don’t really have boundaries when it comes to music. It’s not that I like everything; I definitely do not. But I am all over the map. I’m very steeped in classic rock and the newer rock that descends from the classic. I came of age in the early nineties. The Singles soundtrack feels like a high school reunion for me. I love funk, and the Godfather was so named for a reason. Muscle Shoals is the best thing to come out of Alabama, and I’m a Tide fan.  I’ve played in and sang in front of jazz big bands, led small jazz combos, marched thousands of troops with a rock steady bass drum cadence for hours in the desert heat, been bombarded by hundreds of South Korean schoolgirls who treated us like The Beatles, and been forced to sing Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon” while opening for George Jones in Alabama.


Let that last one sink in.


Thanks to tastes and experiences like this, I don’t focus on any one style. I write and cover songs that are vastly different from each other. Is that a good thing? I don’t know, but I like it. When I play live, my songs are eclectic. A lot of deep cuts mixed in with the all-time great cover standards. As jarring as a transition from Chris Stapleton to The Pixies to Stevie Wonder can be, people love it. I’d like to think that it’s because whatever the song, I put everything I have into it and that shines through.


Unless a song credit indicates otherwise, all instruments and vocals are me. I’ve got finished, polished releases on the Recordings page. But if you follow the blog (the Home page, and the heart of this site), you’ll get so much more than the occasional polished release. I’ll post tracks that maybe I don’t want to put out officially, but I’d like for my friends to hear it. That’s you guys, my RSS followers. You’ll see more behind the scenes, how I get the sounds I get, and sometimes what I’m cooking between sessions (I cook better than I play, FYI).